Document automation for human resources

Streamline human resources processes to efficiently generate, manage and archive sensitive and compliant documents.

Optimize your HR document processes, from generation to archival

Experlogix’s document generation and document automation solutions help human resources departments streamline their processes and ensure compliance with internal and external regulations, by providing powerful capabilities for enhanced document generation, management, review, and archival.

Automate consistent document flows

Experlogix enables you to build and automate document flows streamlining employee on-boarding, performance reviews, benefits enrollment, and more. Capture information through e-application web forms, generate personalized and accurate documents, manage content in a centralized system – easily and efficiently.

Leverage seamless integration to your core system

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with leading CRM platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SugarCRM, and enterprise core systems, enabling you to increase efficiency by automating consistent flows for the generation, management, delivery, and storage of HR documents – from your environment.

Centralize document management

Experlogix allows you to manage HR documents in a centralized system that provides security controls over access, modification and approval. Access right based on role, check-in and check-out function, version history, and comparison tools give you the peace of mind that your documents are compliant and protected.

Digitize and optimize your employee on-boarding process

Using Experlogix’s Smart Forms, you provide new employees with a web form that speeds up the on-boarding process and reduces paper handling, by allowing them to easily and rapidly submit their information from any computer or mobile device. The data fields on the form are accompanied by interactive guided functions such as clickable definitions, mandatory fields and warnings, ensuring the required information – name, address, birthdate, social security number, etc. – is complete and accurate. Pre-configured business rules in the Smart Form control information presentment based on answers provided by employees; only the questions pertaining to their unique situation are displayed. The captured data is automatically stored in your company’s core systems – HR, ECM or CRM – and used to personalize template-based HR documents needed to finalize the on-boarding process.

Accelerate generation, management and e-signature of company handbooks

Your human resources department can boost productivity and improve document tracking by automating the generation, management and e-signature of personalized and compliant company handbooks with a solution combining Experlogix and your HR, ECM or CRM system. At the click of a button, you can assemble high volumes of template-based handbooks that incorporate accurate employee data found in your system – name, contact information, employee number, job title, etc. The generated HR documents are automatically sent to your staff via your electronic signature provider; each employee receives an email with a unique link from which they can quickly and easily sign their personalized document. Once executed, the company handbooks are immediately sent back to your human resources department using the same means, and archived in your HR, ECM or CRM system.

Manage sensitive HR documents in a secure and centralized system

Experlogix Content Manager is a centralized repository that can be used by your human resources department to securely store documents including sensitive employee and company information, and control document access, modification and approval. A folder-like structure allows you to properly store HR documents, and easily browse and sort through them – the right to access specific folders and modify content is based on role. A check-in and check-out function streamlines the document edition process, eliminating the need to manually merge changes from multiple contributors. This function also enables your personnel to return to previous versions, compare and see where changes have been made. A secure and centralized document management system ensures your HR documents are compliant with corporate guidelines and protected from unauthorized access – at all times.

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