Document automation for insurance

Create, manage and deliver highly personalized and engaging insurance forms and documents that enrich your policyholders’ experience.

Generate personalized and compliant documents at every step of the insurance lifecycle

Highly flexible and designed to meet your unique business needs, Experlogix’s document generation and document automation solutions bring unprecedented efficiencies for your insurance company and memorable experience for your policyholders.

Automate consistent document flows

Experlogix enables you to easily build and automate insurance document flows, from application to invoicing, from claims to renewal. Generate data-driven forms and documents, deliver correspondence via traditional and modern channels, manage documents and content in a centralized system – in one click.

Comply with complex regulations

Our solutions offer configurable business rules to support jurisdiction-specific variations, multiple languages, regulatory changes, and legal and financial requirements, giving you the piece-of-mind that your forms and documents are meeting industry regulations. We also offer ISO and AAIS update support.

Use accurate customer data

Experlogix provides self-service web forms and integrations to enterprise core systems – policy administration, claims, invoicing, CRM, and ECM – letting you access a wealth of error-free information to make the creation of highly personalized, relevant insurance forms and documents easier than ever before.

Optimize your customer communication with claims process automation

With Experlogix Smart Flows, you easily build and configure a flow that automates the creation, generation and delivery of your correspondence at every step of the claims process. Upon reception of a claim by your insurance company, the Smart Flow instantly generates and delivers an acknowledgement letter personalized with information provided by the policyholder during the filing of the claim and data found in your policy administration or CRM systems. Changes to the status of a claim throughout the process – whether damages are being assessed by an expert, the payment is on its way, or the claim has been denied – trigger the creation and delivery of related correspondence to the policyholder, communicating them relevant and accurate information in a timely manner.

Customize insurance policies to comply with jurisdiction-specific requirements

Using the Experlogix Template Builder, you can leverage your Microsoft Word skills and our step-by-step wizards to create personalized and sophisticated insurance policy templates. Dynamic data fields linked to your policy administration, CRM or ECM systems are incorporated in your templates, in which you configure business rules for the inclusion of jurisdiction-specific content – legal clauses, industry regulations, financial requirements. Dynamic tables and graphics showing local trends in claims or premium costs are also inserted in the documents. Additionally, your insurance policy templates have multiple language variations; the appropriate language is selected automatically, based on jurisdiction. These features ensure your policy documents are customized, contextual and compliant every time.

Facilitate access to exclusive coverage with smart digital policies

By integrating Experlogix’s web-based Smart Forms to your digital policy documents, you enable brokers to rapidly complete applications for insurance coverage directly online, from a connected mobile device or a computer. A broker swiftly input their customer’s information – contact, personal and beneficiary information – as well as details on the desired coverage – covered amount, deductibles, covered damages. Pre-configured business rules in the Smart Form control the required information based on answers pertaining to the customer’s unique situation. A personalized insurance policy describing the exclusive coverage being applied for is then generated in HTML or PDF format. In a single click, the broker sends the digital document to your insurance company for approval.

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