Document automation for non-profit

Create and deliver personalized, accurate and engaging communications and documents that build long-lasting relationships with your donors.

Create and deliver personalized and engaging documents improving communication and trust

Experlogix’s document generation and document automation solutions help non-profit organizations efficiently create and deliver highly personalized and accurate communications and documents, enabling you to engage with donors in meaningful ways at every step of the donation process.

Automate consistent document flows

Experlogix enables you to easily build and automate document flows streamlining donor applications, fundraising initiatives, tax receipt issuance, and more. Capture information through web forms, generate data-driven communications, deliver timely documents – from a single, powerful platform.

Personalize documents for each donor

Our solutions allow you to easily create communications and documents tailored to each supporter. Build dynamic templates that incorporate donor information, pre-approved descriptions of programs, donated amounts, and special messages, resulting in consistent and engaging documents.

Use accurate customer data

Experlogix provides self-service web forms and integrations to enterprise core systems – donor management, CRM, ECM, and accounting – letting you access a wealth of error-free information to make the creation of highly personalized, relevant documents easier than ever before.

Capture and store accurate donor information from anywhere

Your non-profit organization can eliminate duplicated data entry and errors by enabling field employees to easily and rapidly capture donor information anywhere, from any connected mobile device, using Experlogix’s Smart Forms. The data fields on the web form are accompanied by interactive guided functions such as clickable definitions, mandatory fields and warnings, resolving any conflicting data on the spot to ensure the required information – contact information, program supported, donation amount, giving frequency, payment information – is complete and accurate. The captured data is automatically stored in your non-profit’s donor management or CRM systems, where it can be pulled to personalize future communications and documents for supporters. This results in increased efficiency and data accuracy for your organization, and better experience for your fields employees and donors.

Customize donor communications for better engagement

Using the Experlogix Template Builder, you can leverage your Microsoft Word skills and our step-by-step wizards to easily create data-driven and consistent templates for communications and documents like welcome letters, donation acknowledgements, tax receipts, certificates, and more. Dynamic data fields linked to your non-profit organization’s donor management or CRM systems are incorporated in your templates; donor’s information is automatically added to the fields. You configure business rules for the inclusion of donor-specific content – status, total amount donated, program supported, etc. – and tailored messages. Additionally, your document templates have multiple language variations and can be delivered via modern and traditional channels; the appropriate language and delivery method are selected automatically, based on donor preferences. These features allow you to create and deliver highly personalized, consistent and omni-channel communications that foster donor engagement.

Optimize your donation process and communication

With Experlogix Smart Flows, you easily build and configure flows that automate the creation, generation and delivery of your correspondence at every step of the donation process. Upon reception of a new supporter’s contribution, a Smart Flow instantly generates and delivers a welcome letter personalized with information provided by the individual through a donation web form. Because donor information is automatically stored in your non-profit’s donor management or CRM systems, you can use this data to segment supporters into categories – status, total amount donated, giving frequency, program supported, interest in volunteering, etc. – and trigger flows for the generation and delivery of personalized and relevant communications based on those criteria, at the right time. Automating document creation, generation and delivery throughout the donation process increases internal efficiency, while building strong communication and trust with donors.

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