Document automation for sales

Create, deliver and e-sign highly personalized and compelling sales documents that drive business growth.

Create data-driven and compelling business documents that increase revenue

Experlogix’s document generation and document automation solutions empower your sales team to easily and efficiently create and deliver sophisticated, personalized and compelling documents such as quotes, contracts, proposals, non-disclosure agreements, and more, so you never miss an opportunity.

Personalize sales documents for each opportunity

Experlogix allows you to easily create sales documents tailored to each opportunity. Incorporate customer information, pre-approved images and descriptions of products, pricing tables, as well as jurisdiction-specific terms and conditions, warranties, and SLAs, resulting in professional, convincing documents.

Leverage seamless integration to your CRM platform

Our seamless integrations to leading CRM platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SugarCRM, enable you to increase efficiency and quality by automating consistent flows for the generation, management, approval, and e-signature of critical sales documents that combine data from any entities or modules.

Offer fast and secure electronic signature

We integrate with leading electronic signature providers – DocuSign, Sertifi, OneSpan Sign, and Adobe Sign – so you can quickly collect secure and legally-binding signatures on your business documents, whether you are on the road or at the office, accelerating your sales process from lead to close.

Create dynamic data-driven and accurate sales proposals

Using a Experlogix Smart Form linked to your company’s sales proposal template, you complete dynamic fields requesting specific information about your customer and you, the salesperson submitting the proposal – your name, email address and phone number come from your connected CRM or ECM platforms and are automatically filled in. The pricing section of the form provides dynamic drop-down lists, where you can choose products and quantities from a set of options defined in a centralized product management system. Logic-based rules are configured to control the inclusion of variable content – terms and conditions, industry regulations and legal clauses – based on your customer’s jurisdiction. When the form is completed, you generate a sales proposal that includes personalized information, accurate pricing and consistent language, at the click of a button.

Expedite contract generation, approval and e-signature

By integrating Experlogix Smart Flows with your CRM platform, you gain the ability to accelerate the generation, approval and e-signature of your contracts with easy-to-configure, automated document flows. From a pre-built flow in CRM, you can generate a personalized contract incorporating customer information, jurisdiction-specific variations, terms and conditions, warranties, SLAs, and more. The generated document is immediately routed to your legal team for review and approval; the flow triggers email notifications to appropriate parties and stops until the document has been approved. Upon approval, the flow resumes and the contract is automatically delivered to your customer via your electronic signature provider. And your customer can send back the executed document through the same means, to close the deal faster.

Boost your sales quotes with recommended products and pre-approved discounts

With Experlogix, you can pull from your organization’s CRM or ECM systems up-to-date images and descriptions of recommended additional products and services that might be useful for a customer, and automatically incorporate them to your sales quote template. You can also add pre-approved discounts, configured and controlled in your company’s CPQ system. Discounts available for each product and service are displayed in dynamic drop-down lists connected to the CPQ, so you are sure to include the right discounts in your document. Connecting your sales quote template to enterprise core systems like CRM, ECM and CPQ ensures your documents convey superior value to your customers, while being compliant and accurate the first time.

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