Document automation for underwriting

Streamline underwriting processes to efficiently create, manage and review highly personalized and compliant policies.

Create personalized and compliant policies through optimized processes

Experlogix’s document generation and document automation solutions help underwriting departments streamline their processes and ensure policy consistency and compliance, by providing powerful capabilities for enhanced document creation, management, review, and approval.

Automate consistent document flows

Experlogix enables you to easily build and automate flows for document underwriting, management, review, and approval. Create template-based, dynamic documents, incorporate policy changes from multiple underwriters, review and compare versions – from a single, powerful platform.

Comply with complex rules and regulations

Our solutions offer configurable business rules to support exclusive endorsements, regulatory changes, and legal and financial requirements, giving you the piece-of-mind that your documents are meeting internal rules and industry regulations. We also offer ISO and AAIS update support.

Centralize document management

Experlogix allows you to manage documents in a centralized system that facilitates content access and version control. Pre-approved phrases or alternative language stored in your content libraries can be quickly retrieved and inserted into policies to create highly personalized and consistent documents.

Optimize your insurance underwriting review process with automation

When a broker requests modification to a standard policy to accommodate their customer, your underwriting team must carefully assess the demand and review the document to meet both customer’s needs and internal rules. Using Experlogix Smart Flows, you can easily build and configure a flow that automates the insurance underwriting review process. The flow instantly generates a template-based policy personalized with the customer information. You can tailor the generated document to the customer’s unique situation by adding pre-approved endorsements and deductible amounts pulled from your connected CRM, ECM or policy administration systems. Once the new, exclusive and compliant policy is finalized, you can complete the flow to confirm the approval without delay, boosting efficiencies for your underwriting department and improving experience for your customers.

Manage personalized policies and insurance wording from a centralized system

Experlogix Content Manager is a centralized repository that can be used by your underwriting department to manage, store and retrieve template-based policies, previous versions and pre-labelled document sections including customizable content – exclusive endorsements, alternative language and contextual variations. When coupled with the Experlogix for Microsoft Office 365 add-in, a carry-forward function allows you to search the pre-labelled document sections stored in Content Manager and dynamically import them into a policy that needs modification. You can change the wording of the sections as needed, all while preserving the standard insurance wording built-in the policy template and the personalized information incorporated in the new document, to create highly personalized policies that are relevant to a customer’s unique situation and compliant with internal formulations.

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