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Powerful document automation for your business users

Whether you need to create simple or complex document templates, capture customer information and data, store and manage enterprise content, electronically sign documents, or generate documents interactively, in batches or through automated flows, Experlogix Document Automation provides robust capabilities empowering your business users to simplify, optimize and automate any document process.

Key integrations with your core systems

Power up your enterprise core systems with Experlogix Document Automation’s document generation and document automation software. We provide integrations with leading CRM platforms – Microsoft Dynamics 365, SugarCRM and Salesforce – and business applications, enabling business users to create, manage and deliver data-driven and engaging documents without ever leaving their familiar system.

The 3 steps to better, faster document automation


your data and content sources to your templates


data-driven business documents in one click


your documents via a wide range of channels

Helping you meet your document needs and business goals

Xpertdoc Smart Forms - Business Rules
Improve communication and compliance

by creating dynamic, template-based sales quotes, proposals, agreements, and more, personalized for each customer and compliant with internal and external rules.

Xpertdoc Template Builder - Subgrid Loops
Accelerate business-critical processes

such as contract approval, insurance claims and loan application, by streamlining and automating every document flow step – from creation to e-signature.

Increase productivity and efficiency

with digital, logic-based and automated document processes that eliminate manual, repetitive tasks, shorten review and approval time, and reduce paperwork.

Use accurate customer data

from interactive web forms, connectors and integrations to enterprise core systems like CRM, ERP, CPQ, and ECM to personalize interactions and increase engagement.

Xpertdoc Content Manager - Version Control
Enhance document quality

and eliminate errors, by leveraging a centralized library of pre-approved templates incorporating accurate content, terminology, corporate branding, and format.

Xpertdoc for SugarCRM - Roles
Reduce dependence on IT

and associated delays and costs, with powerful and easy-to-use features that enable business users to execute their document generation tasks without programming skills.

Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide

For over 20 years, Experlogix Document Automation has specialized in document generation and document automation software, training and services. Everyday, our award-winning and patented technologies are helping customers in a variety of industries to digitally transform their document-centric processes and stay ahead of their competition.

Luminus Accelerates Mobile Contract Generation Through CRM

“The productivity gain for our sales representatives is huge. A single tap on their tablet creates and handles all the paperwork.”


Embracing System Modernization for Efficient Document Production

“Any organization that utilizes document templates featuring standard wording and variable information would realize the same kinds of benefits that Oxford has enjoyed.”

Oxford Properties_logo_white

SSQ Insurance Streamlines Document Processes from Dynamics 365

“We pleased our users. Now they create customized, variable data documents on demand with one click.”


GroupHEALTH Boosts Optional Coverage Sales with Experlogix Document Automation Smart Forms

“In just the first two months of using Experlogix Document Automation, we have reduced our cost to manage enrollments by 20% to 25%.”


SR-Bank Turns a Challenge into an Opportunity to Innovate

“It is an easy, intuitive document generation tool that quickly does the job each time for each customer, at the click of a button.”

SpareBank1-SR Bank_logo_white

Global Company Reaps Benefits from Connecting Documents to CRM

“We ask our customers to make big investments in our equipment. The documents we deliver to them must be professional, accurate and consistent.”


Luminus Accelerates Mobile Contract Generation Through CRM

“The productivity gain for our sales representatives is huge. A single tap on their tablet creates and handles all the paperwork.”


L&Q Perfects Customer Interactions with Document Generation from CRM

“With Experlogix Document Automation, our documents are created, managed and stored centrally, which gives us far more control over the consistency of our documents.”


Barnabas Foundation Creates Exceptional Donor On-boarding and Experience

“The technology provided by Experlogix Document Automation was a game-changer for us. It can trim weeks off the donor on-boarding timeline.”

Barnabas Foundation_logo_horizontal_white

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