One Interaction at a Time

What Is Customer Communications Management (CCM)?

According to leading Analyst Firms – SMA, Gartner and Forrester, Customer Communications Management (CCM) is a set of strategies and software solutions designed to engage customers throughout the entire customer communication lifecycle.

At Xpertdoc, we believe that CCM focuses on helping companies improve their ability to design, deliver, and manage their interactions with customers with a focus on improving that customer experience at each touchpoint. Regardless of the type of interaction or which channel it occurs, CCM solutions help manage the dynamic interactions in a way that traditional systems cannot. From electronic applications to structured or interactive communications like correspondence, policies, quotes/proposals, welcome kits, invoices/statements, or marketing materials, Xpertdoc is able to help you engage your customers.

Better and faster.

Xpertdoc CCM Platform

In today’s technology-driven world, customers demand more from businesses than ever before and will seek out companies that will engage them in the ways that they want, when they want. Organizations need to engage with their customers and deliver an experience that fosters loyalty and promotes growth. The first step in doing so starts with the communications your customers receive.

The Xpertdoc Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform provides the foundation on which businesses can build and improve their customer engagement strategy beginning with electronic applications and guiding them through their journey from prospect to client and ultimately promoter.

Xpertdoc Connector
for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure, the Xpertdoc Dynamics 365 Connector allows organizations to leverage the wealth of customer data in Microsoft Dynamics to deliver compelling documents in a single click.

Out-of-the-box functionality and pre-built workflows and connectors to Dynamics and SharePoint immediately enable business users to easily create, manage and deliver an infinite variety of data-driven, impactful documents, with powerful capabilities for template creation, omni-channel delivery, e-signature, and more.

Forms Lifecycle Workbench

Whether you are an insurance carrier bringing new products to market, a government agency releasing new forms that must be carefully controlled, or a small business trying to update the content of your documents, the process can be labor-intensive and time consuming. With multi-department involvement and collaboration on content, language, and overall product approval, the process can be extremely manual requiring a lot of back and forth between functional teams. As a result, regulatory non-conformities and other costly errors to the business are common as are lengthy delays in releasing the new product or forms to the market.

The Xpertdoc Forms Lifecycle Workbench helps you automate the new form development process from conception through approval allowing for collaboration between the different stakeholders within your organization. By automating the workflow and approvals while streamlining inter-departmental communication and collaboration, you will benefit from improved form quality, a faster time to market with reduced document iterations and assured regulatory compliance.

Xpertdoc Connector for Microsoft Excel

Companies often leverage the power of Microsoft Excel to automate core functions within their organizations. From simple calculations like financial forecasts to very complex financial/rating intensive applications like insurance premiums, these desktop solutions perform many mission critical functions when enterprise systems are not available. Without the ability to quickly connect the data and output of these calculations to approved forms and templates, users are forced to manually re-enter the information which can lead to increased chance of costly errors, delivery delays and potential staffing requirements.

The Xpertdoc Connector for Microsoft Excel allows for the direct mapping, connection and execution of an Xpertdoc template from Excel resulting in documents that can be indexed, stored, and retrieved for modification or renewal. With a single click from Excel, your client facing teams can generate engaging, brand-approved, and regulatory-compliant sets of documents and forms that will deliver a compelling product to your clients